DAY 14

The Lord has hidden Himself from his people, but I trust him
and place my hope in him. - Isaiah 8:17

God is real, no matter how you feel.
Madali nating i-worship ang Lord kapag magaganda ang nangyayari sa ating buhay – he provided foods, friends, family, health and happy situations. Pero hindi lahat ng pangyayari sa ating buhay ay maganda at maayos. How do you worship God then? What do you do when God seems miles away? Yung pakiramdam na, “bakit ang layo mo Lord?”

The deepest level of worship is praising God in spite of pain, thanking God during a trial, trusting him when tempted, surrendering while suffering and loving him when he seems distant.

How do you praise God when you don’t understand what’s happening in your life and God is silent? How do you stay connected in a crisis without communication? How do you keep your eyes on Jesus when they are full of tears?

  1. Tell God exactly how you feel.
    Pour out your heart to God. I-unload mo yung emosyon mo, yung nararamdaman mong galit, pagod, hinanakit, doubt, grief, confusion, mga tanong or kung anuman na gumugulo sa isip mo ngayon. Tell God and admit your hopelessness to Him.
  2. Focus on who God is.
    Regardless ng kung nasan ka mang sitwasyon ngayon, remember that God is there. Remind yourself what you know to be eternally true about God:

    He is good, he loves me, he is with me, he knows what I’m going through, he cares, and he has a good plan for my life.

  3. Trust God to keep his promises.
    During times of spiritual dryness, you must patiently rely on the promises of God, not on your emotions. Hindi dahil ramdam mo na malayo si Lord ay talagang malayo siya. Madalas tayo ang dahilan ng paglayo sa kanya. Sa mga ginagawa natin – disobedience, busyness, frienship with the world and other sins. So don’t be troubled by troubles. Circumstances can not change the character of God. God’s grace is still in full force. Kahit lumayo ka, tatanggapin ka pa din niya. Dahil ang pangako niya:

    I will never leave you, nor forsake you…

  4. Remember what God has already done for you.
    Jesus took all of mankind’s sin and guilt on himself. Remember why Jesus died on the cross. It is for you. It is for me. It is for all of us.

Jesus gave up everything so you could have everything. He died so you can live forever. That alone is worthy of your continual thanks and praise. Never again should you wonder what you have to be thankful for. God is not distant. He is always there.

How can you stay focused on God’s presence, especially when he feels distant?