GOSSIP! Tsismis! Rumor! Talk!

Minsan for fun pero madalas para siraan ang isang tao. Pag-uusap na nauuwi sa mga salitang mabibitawan mo at sa huli andun ang kahihiyan at pagka-guilty.

Dictionary define gossip as “spreading rumors or opinions of someone’s personal affairs, usually without their knowledge or all facts.” Tsismis na nanganganak ng iba’t -ibang usapin na mauuwi sa conflict at indifference sa ibang tao. What a poor reflection of our personal brand!

Sa practical sense ito ang tinatawag nating gossip o tsismis. Tignan natin at baka mamaya ay nagagawa na pala natin.

  1. Speaking about others in terms of hopelessness, pessimism and indifference because of our limited belief that people can’t change
  2. Sharing about others without any discernment of what is going on in their lives
  3. Proclaiming other;s failures and mistakes
  4. Arrogantly denying our own brand of screwed-up, by which we entertain a ridiculous sense of self-righteousness
  5. Setting a poor example of ourselves to other people

Kapag ginawa natin ang tsismis, nirereflect nito ang social status natin at ang condition ng puso ng isang tao. It say something about us which could lead to our downfall.

Stop gossiping! It is just a toxic waste of our time.

Instead of bad mouthing, let strive for peace and speak life. Let our words be an encouragement to people. As an alternative, let our mouths express gratitude and thanksgiving. Instead of rumors, let us talk with other people our testimony of surviving life in the midst of adversities. Share Jesus and his love for the mankind – even to the gossipers. We’ll never know. If they accept Jesus in their lives, what they gonna spread is not bad news but the Good News of Christ.

A perverse person stirs up conflict,Β and a gossip separates close friends.
-Proverbs 16:28